Saturday, 9 April 2011




  • The computer hardware consists of input devices, processor, storage devices and output devices.
  • A computer system requires hardware, software and a user to fully action.
  • Input devices feed data or commands in a form that the computer can use.
  • The processor has the same important as the brain to human.
  • Output devices shows people the process data or information.
  • Storage usually means secondary storage.

What is output and output devices?

Any peripheral that receives or displays output from a computer. In the picture to the right, is an inkjet printer and a good example of an output device that can make a hard copy of anything on a computer. Below is a listing of all the different computer output devices found on a computer.

What is storage and storage devices?

A storage device is a hardware device capable of storing information. There are two storage devices used in computers; a primary storage device such as computer RAM and a secondary storage device such as a computer hard disk drive.

What is process and processor?

Microchip implanted in a CPU's hard drive that processes instructions sent to it by the computer and software programs. Processors come in a number of sizes and are manufactured by such corporations as Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. The greater the gigahertz capacity of the processor, the quicker the computer will be able to process instructions sent to it. Some corporations have developed a dual processor, which allows one processor to process multiple instructions at the same time without slowing down performance.

What is input and input devices?

 Whatever goes into the computer. Input can take a variety of forms, from commands you enter from the keyboard to data from another computer or device. A device that feeds data into a computer, such as a keyboard or mouse, is called an input device. Any hardware device that sends data to the computer, without any input devices, a computer would only be a display device and not allow users to interact with it, much like a TV.

What is computer system?

A system of interconnected computers that share a central storage system and various peripheral devices such as a printers, scanners, or routers. Each computer connected to the system can operate independently, but has the ability to communicate with other external devices and computers.